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The 45/70 Government 300gr. Hornady Jacketed Hollow Point starts with premium powders and is finished with Advanced Manufacturing Processes (AMP) which clearly shows in the rounds accuracy - 1″ groups at 100 yards (see our customer reviews) for accuracy at 200-yards and power in the 2,054 FPS range. 45/70 Government 325gr.

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657. I have have an good, low pressure, accurate load using 26 grains of IMR SR4759 under a plain base 405 grain bullet for an average velocity of 1,301 fps at around 75 degrees. At around 38 degrees, the velocity drops to an average of 1,248 fps, but it is still very accurate. 09-10-2013, 01:16 PM #17. KirkD.Black powder has an even higher peak pressure spike than all of them which enables it to 'bump up' the plain base bullets. IMR SR4759 and 5744 have a bit lower peak pressure and IMR 4198 even lower still. Thus, I have found IMR 4198 to work well with gas checked bullets where, if properly sized, no bumping up is necessary, but a little more ...Looking for some Bullseye powder loads for use in a ruger #1 45/70. Something around 1100-1200 fps using a bullet weighing 430gr if possible. Can't help you on a 1100-1200 fps, but for a subsonic load for use with a suppressor 10 grains of Bullseye with #457122 gives about 1000 fps.2 Nov 2022 ... Welcome to the Ron Spomer Outdoors Podcast! In this episode, I answer a question about 45-70 for short distances. Now ya gotta remember, ...Its time to buy some powder, what would be YOUR choice for use in both 30-30 and 45-70? I would be shooting them in my M94 and Marlin Guide gun.

Skyhunter. 1748 posts · Joined 2008. #9 · May 2, 2018. UKShootist, Keeping in mind that the original 45-70 loadings were with a 405 gr. bullet of 1/20 or 1/30 (memory fails me here) tin/lead alloy and a velocity or 1,200-1,300 fps., I would recommend keeping your velocity on the low side of 1,200 fps.The Heart of Dixie. I have fired hundreds of 405 gr cast bullets over 27/5744 in 45-70 rifles of various types for years with outstanding results. This is a BP (or a little hotter) level load. Larger 5744 doses can be used for strong actions, but I usually go with other powders for stiff loads.In the Marlin 1895 45-70 the maximum load for H4198 and a 300 grain jacketed bullet is 60 grains. I have used 55 grains of H4198 with 300 grain Sierras, Hornadys and Speers with success. With published compressed loads if it seems you can't get all the powder into the case you will have to use a drop tube. You learn something new everyday ...

2015 in the 45-70. I have been shooting my marlin 1895 w/22" barrel for about a year now, I have used imr 4198 the whole time. I use a noe 425grr rnfp boolit. I have been thinking of switching to a slower powder in hopes of getting better accuracy. currently I am shooting at 1400fps, and I like it there.

Alliant Powder's Reloder 7 smokeless small rifle powder was designed primarily for varmint loads in small calibers. Reloder 7 also has metered consistency and has shown to match or surpass the overall demands of one of the most sought-after bench rest shooters. Alliant Reloder 7 Powder For Sale is ideal for light rifles in the.45-.70 and.450 Marlin calibers.Metcalfs's Favorite .45-70 Handloads; Bullet: Powder (type) Powder (grs.) Velocity (fps) Comments ; Hornady 300-gr HP: H4198 52.0 2073 Expanding load; …Cast bullets and the 45-70 just go together. An alloy of 20:1 lead/tin is perfect for a hard hitting hammer load. A 405 grain flat nosed bullet of this alloy pushed by 52.1 grains of 3031 is a hammer! This load is not recommended for the Handi, it is a low level load for the Ruger #1.5 Mar 2011 ... Reloading .45-70 cartridges with black powder. Part 3 covers loading powder and seating bullets to make a finished cartridge.Black Hills Cowboy Action 45-70 Government Ammo 405 Grain Flat Nose. Cartridge: 45-70 Government. You must be 21 years or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons, Ammunition may not be returned. Please check local laws before ordering.

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In my Browning BPCR 45-70 (1885 JMB design made my Miroku), I'm shooting 250 gr. TSX FB bullets with Vv 120 powder, pushing those bullets at 2,550 fps. (Barnes Marlin load). This gun has a 30" bbl and is my "primitive weapon" for deer hunting. I'll use it this up coming weekend. It has a Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x40 CDS, the turret calibrated for ...

According to the Hodgdon reloading recipes, for a 45-70 with a 24" barrel, using 3031 with Hornady Interlock (JRN) max load (for Marlin lever action pressures) is a compressed load of 60 gr. @ 2135 fps and with a 405 gr cast is 48.5 gr. (Trapdoor pressures) @ 1706 fps. So if it's only about max velocity, while you have approached or bettered ...45-70 GOVERNMENT: Use 3.1cc Powder Measure for all loads listed below. These loads are safe to use in all guns in good condition: BULLET WEIGHT IN GRAINS: POWDER TYPE & MANUFACTURER: GRAINS POWDER: APPROX. VELOCITIES: 300-350: IMR 4320 IMR 4895 IMR 3031 IMR 4064 Hercules Reloader 7 Hodgdon 4895: 43.3 42.6 40.7 41.6 39.7 42.6: 1450 1550 1550 ...The Barnes VOR-TX 300-grain TSX .45-70 Government load is a great power level 2 offering. The new Federal HammerDown load was tested extensively in blocks of Clear Ballistics and on feral hogs. This bullet expands wide and creates a massive wound cavity thoroughly sufficient for anything sized from hogs to moose.Jun 19, 2016 · While researching 45-70 loads I tried 5 varieties of Holy Black, Dupont Bulk smokless and yes Pyrodex in the 45-70. These loads were fired from my Uberti 1885, an original trapdoor 1879 and a Pedersoli Sharps.So, what is the .45-70? To be sure, this is a .45 caliber rifle cartridge backed by 70 grains of powder. The bullet it shoots varies in size, but the originals were over 400 grains. Today's bullet weights range from 250-460 …IMR 3031 powder is a good powder to start with. I guess it really depends on the firearm you're loading for. .45-70 Government. "Trapdoor" and replica rifles plus all modern rifles in good condition: 300 grain Hornady InterLock HP bullet, 52.0 grains of IMR 3031 powder, Federal 210 primer, Winchester case. MV 1,800 fps in 29.5" barrel.

.45-70 Government (Western Powders LT-32) reloading data with 22 loads. Using bullets from Sierra FN HP, Lead Cast Performance FNGC, Hornady FTX, Hornady RN, Barnes BSTR, Barnes FN-O, Lead Cast Performance WLNGC, Lehigh Defense, LLC SLD, Lead Montana Cast Bullets; RNFP. Powders include AccurateI'd be looking at a load of 13-15 grains of Unique with that bullet, or a 3031 powder-based load that will be <1500 fps at the muzzle. Good luck. Let's us know how it shoots. You may want to pull the bullets, and try a lower powder charge for accuracy issues, not pressure issues. You only loaded 10 rounds. That's an easy job to pull the …There are many Marlin M1895, H&R and Ruger single shots, etc. being unneccesarily under loaded due to this lack of understanding. 45-70 brass can easily be shot at 50K psi in an action designed for that pressure. Here are some 45-70 loads for a 405gr cast bullet, all just under 28K psi: Red Dot - 13.0 grs.ive found 1 load for this combo, in a speer manual, its a level 2 marlin load. a 400gr bullet, and 58gr-62gr powder. anybody use win 748 with their 45/70 loads? Hullo Troy, No. You might want to look at IMR-3031 , IMR 4198 and RL-7, these are used a lot in the 45/70 and the load manuals are full of these loads.Hey Jerry, In my CB, have found that 14.0gr of Universal Clays and the 405gr LFP, is a great combo. Will state flat out, Universal Clays is the best propellant for cast bullets, in 38/357, 44mag, 45LC, and 45/70.

I am new to the 45-70 world. I've spent the last 45 years shooting nothing but flintlock rifles and as age and some infirmities are starting to set in I am looking for a new challenge. I need some loading help using 5744 powder.

Re: Light loads for the .45-70. by JohndeFresno » Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:22 am. Paco Kelly, the founder of this website, has reported that he killed a coyote at 50 yeards with a heart/lung shot using a 450 gr. pure lead bullet propelled by only 2 1/2 gr. of Bullseye in his .45-70. This is a silent load.Accurate 2015 is a fast burning, single-base, extruded rifle powder that performs very well in small to medium varmint calibers (223 Rem, 204 Ruger). 2015 is a popular choice for first-class performance in benchrest calibers and is also recommended for use in large bore straight wall cartridges (45-70, 458 Win Mag). 2015 offers excellent ...Studying that data, it is very evident that Trail Boss is a very POOR powder for the 45-70, yielding very high chamber pressures with only moderate bullet velocities. Accorging to the charts, Hodgdons Varget powder gives much higher velocities with much milder chamber pressures. The difference between the performance of two powders is huge, and ...Yes Bill, W 748 is a good powder for 45-70. For top end loads. I have used it in 50 plus gr loads but the OP mentioned starting at 41 gr. he isn't developing enough pressure for a good burn. I view powder as having a "happy range" of pressures where they work best. He used a powder well below the range where it was happy.The pistol powders that have been mentioned work also for just plinking at very low speed c1000 fps. I use H4198, Varget, RL 7 and Trailboss. Marlin League #54. Team 45/70 #22. Marlin 1895 CB 45/70. Marlin 1895 STBL 45/70. Marlin 1894 CB 45 LC. Marlin 336 30-30. Pedersoli Sharps 45/70.This ammunition is new production, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. Technical Information. Caliber: 45-70 Government. Bullet Weight: 405 Grains. Bullet Style: Lead Flat Nose. Case Type: Brass. Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1210 fps. WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to ...But to get started just put between 60 and 70 gr of powder in a primed case. Compress the powder enough so that you can seat the bullet deep enough so that it is almost touching the rifling, seat the bullet and go make smoke. You will find it very adictive. 03-06-2011, 11:41 PM #8. hydraulic. Boolit Master.27 May 2011 ... Reloading for my Marlin 45-70, useing the Lee kit, Speer 400 GR Flat Nose bullets, and Du Pont IMR 4227 powder.The difference in the accuracy of the loads was minimal to non-existent. A good powder to start with would be 2400 and most 45-70's will shoot better with heavier bullets. The Sharps and Trapdoors do well with 400g and up. If you don't have a Lyman manual, get one.Mar 3, 2020 · 755. I worked up 405 gr cast with Unique in my 45/70 handi rifle until the case head expanded and brass flowed into the extractor misfit. Quickload thinks that is 87,000 psi 1900 fps. I started the work up with 15 gr 25 kpsi 1300 fps. I think Unique is a very good powder for 45/70 low velocities.

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6 posts · Joined 2015. #1 · Oct 24, 2015. I'm looking for load data for 45.70 using 405 grain cast performance bullets (with gas checks) and IMR 4198. This is for an 1895 Marlin GBL rifle. It is for protection from bears so the load must be pretty stout, I assume.The IMR data I've found online on the IMR data page is for jacketed 400 grain ...

The .45-70 fired a .45 caliber 405 grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1200fps. The official military designation of the new cartridge was the .45-70-405.Jonny V. 2392 posts · Joined 2010. #28 · May 12, 2020. H322 works passably well in 45-70, but Accurate 5744 is far superior. I used to run H322 in some 'bear loads' I was all worked up over, but the reality is that H322 never turned in much as far as consistent performance, and consistency is the strong suit of A5744.May 11, 2006 · Even IMR 4320 is to slow for optimal loads, particularly with barrels 26" or shorter. For a 300 grain bullet I use the following load which would be equally suited to your H&R: Marlin 1895 45-70 22" barrel. 300 grain Sierra (2.525" COAL), Hornady (2.55" COAL) or Speer (2.53" COAL) Winchester brass, 2.1" trim, if necessary.According to the Hodgdon reloading recipes, for a 45-70 with a 24" barrel, using 3031 with Hornady Interlock (JRN) max load (for Marlin lever action pressures) is a compressed load of 60 gr. @ 2135 fps and with a 405 gr cast is 48.5 gr. (Trapdoor pressures) @ 1706 fps. So if it's only about max velocity, while you have approached or bettered ...Cartridge : .45-70 Govt. CIP Bullet : .458, 325, Hornady FTX 45015 ... Results caused by ± 10% powder lot-to-lot burning rate variation using nominal charge Data for burning rate increased by 10% relative to nominal value: +Ba 97 48,00 1959 2769 28530 3933 92,1 1,441 ! Near Maximum !Shot my Ruger No 1 in 45-70 today for the first time today. Lyman 385 grain plain base round nose sized .459 with 1.5 grains of dacron, standard primer and 33 grains of H4198. They averaged 1435 fps and showed excellent 100 yard accuracy with a New England peep sight. I was however surprised by the amount of unburned powder left in the bore after each shot.45-70/300gr Powder? I guess I'll start off with 54gr H322 which I understand should duplicate Remmy's & Winny's factory load at 1800 fps. I was actually hoping to get down to 1600 fps as, once again, the idea is to develop an accurate load for youngsters. Looks like this powder performs well in the 60-63 gr loadings, but I don't want 2000+fps.I then subtract that amount for the black powder which leaves 63.0 grs. of black powder. SPG is a good lube for the duplex loads. I used Emmert's home mix with excellent results (50% Pure Natural Beeswax, 40% Crisco, and 10% Canola Oil. I later replaced the Canola Oil with Anhydrous Lanolin for longer shelf life (and loaded cartridge lube life).Just an FYI ---Just tried Hodgdon's mid-range load for 45-70 with 405g bullet in original Springfield trapdoor. MV was 1020 (average of 5 shots) compared to 1370 from Pinnacle loads, and bench-rest groupings at 100 yards were modest (15"-18" and to the right) compared to results from Pinnacle (8"-10" groupings and pretty much dead on). …

Remarks: maximum load; 25,600 cup. .45-70 Government (IMR Rifle Trail Boss Data) reloading data with 4 loads. Using bullets from cast LFP, LRNFP. Powders include IMR.Reloading equipment, methods, load data, powder and projectile information. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. 45/70 Loads for Uberti 1885 High - Wall. by Mick280 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:30 am The ADI manual lists 45/70 loads for modern rifles. These include the Browning Model 1885 Single Shot ( High - Wall ) Would these loads be safe for use in the Uberti ...The .45-70-500 was adopted in the beefed-up 1884 Springfield. Because of brutal recoil in carbines, lighter loads (.45-55) were issued to cavalry. The accuracy standard for the trapdoor Springfield was a four-inch group at 100 yards. This translates to more than 11 feet at 3,350 yards.Instagram:https://instagram. i 20 east accident today 2023 This powder is bulky and is intended for reduced and/or cast bullet loads in large capacity cases like the 45-70. Another powder option is Accurate XMP 5744. I used to use this powder in the .223 to make a .223 shoot like a .22 Hornet in velocity and noise level. There are published loads for both SR 4759 and XMP 5744 for the 45-70 in the Speer ...BUT, a look in the cabinet revealed: WW 748 Ball powder (1lb), WW 760 ball powder (1lb), IMR 4198 (1/4lb) and Accurate No.7 (1lb). Anyone used any of these powders in the 45-70 for reduced loads? sks ba zn When looking at the 45-70 data the data for that 400gr bullet is very very similar to the Lyman 405gr bullet. So, I figured it should also be very similar in in the 45-90. I measured out their starting charge today to see what case fill would look like and it's a pretty poor case fill with a large amount of space between powder and bullet. new2020 lambo The .45-70 I get from Defender is loaded with a 350gr bullet, powder unknown, primer unknown, and Starline brass. The ammo ships in reusable 20 round plastic boxes. It is $1 per round. This is my source of Starline brass. anymh pwrn 7363 posts · Joined 2009. #2 · Oct 2, 2021. I only loaded 45-70 in my 1895 Marlin which is a strong gun and there were special loads published for the 1895 Marlin. I used both 38-42 gr of IMR 4198 and 52-55 gr of H322 behind Speer 400 gr FN. The heavy H322 loads required a lot of compression of the ball powder.This will probably be between 60 and 70 grains of powder. Standard primers are fine, as black powder ignites more easily than smokeless. Clean the barrel with water after shooting. a little bit of dish washing detergent can be helpful, too. Also, wash out the fired cases with soap, water, and a good brushing. CM. navigate me to dunkin In his book "Forty Years With The .45-70", Paul A. Mathews addresses this very question. He started using straight H-4831 and found ok accuracy but unburned powder kernels. To get a clean, accurate load he used a "priming" charge of "Unique" and H-4831 to fill the remainder of the case up to a seated 430 gr cast bullet. port st lucie house for sale under dollar200 000 Reloading .45-70 ammo involves the following steps: 1. Gather the necessary components such as brass cases, primers, powder, and bullets. 2. Clean and inspect brass cases for signs of damage. 3. Resize the cases using a resizing die. 4. Prime the cases with a primer.This fast-burning, single-base, extruded rifle powder performs well in varmint cartridges such as the .204 Ruger and .222 and .223 Remingtons and at the opposite end of the field in the .35 Whelen and .45-70. For decades, I burned every powder imaginable in the .35 Whelen with hopes of firing 250- grain bullets at 2,400 fps. None of them ever did. cowboy jack Jul 27, 2021 · At around 50 grains per shot that's about 140 cartridges, loaded per pound of powder. At $65 bucks a pound, that works out to about a dime more per shot, than the $40 bucks a pound stuff. The accuracy of Reloader 7, seems worth that bit more money but, quite a few powders do well in a 45-70 case.I was looking in the newest Barnes loading manual and noticed that AA-1680 was added to the 45-70 data. The velocity obtained with top loads is very impressive. Velocities well over 2500fps with 250 and 300 gr bullets was published. Has anyone tried this powder in their straight wall case rifles? How does this powder compair with the … 1 855 419 7365 The standard 405-grain projectile that topped the 45-70 when it was new will drop approximately 23 inches at 200 yards with a 70-grain black-powder charge. At 500 yards, the drop is a dramatic 289 inches — 24 feet. By comparison, a modern 150-grain .30-06 projectile will drop 50 inches at 500 yards.The 45-70 Government cartridge was introduced all the way back in 1873 for military use. The designation literally meant a 45 caliber bullet and 70 grains of black powder. sks albrzyly This ammo is for cartridge size .45-70 Government +P. The bullet is made from Copper. The diameter (caliber) of this bullet is 0.458. This bullet weighs 325 grains. This bullet leaves the barrel at 2275 feet per second. The ammo case is made from Nickel Plated Brass. This ammo is a proven round for hunting..45-70 Government (Trapdoor Rifles) (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 94 loads. Using bullets from Cast LFP, Sierra HP. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR sks zn tply Hello, I have a 45/70 NEF handi rifle and a Lee loader for 45/70. My question is it list a load using 40.3 grs. IMR 4227 for bullet weights of 350 to 450 grs. ,will this rifle handle this load . I have IMR 4227, IMR 3031, and Varget. Would like to use 4227 , a faster burning powder. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. tfranklin7 newbest platform to buy pre ipo stocks Red dot as well as lots of other pistol powders are listed in manuals in loads for rifles especialy in cast bullet loads. No fillers are called for in these loads straight from the manual: (45-70 safe in even the weakest versions) 300 grain jacketed bullet: 2400-24 gr=1560 fps & 13500 psi. 2400-30.6 gr=1905 fps & 24000.By Chuck Hawks. The .45-70 is one of our oldest centerfire rifle cartridges, a black powder number that successfully made the transition to smokeless powder and has prospered into the 21st Century. The traditional .45-70 factory load is a 405 grain bullet (BC .214, SD .272) at a MV of 1330 fps, and a ME of 1590 ft. lbs.Printed from Shooter's Reference on 05/25/2024: https://www.shootersreference.com/reloadingdata/45-70-government/